Kohout Engineering

3D Models and Visualizations

Geothermal power plant

For planned international project of geothermal power plant, we created a visualization and presentation videos of several variations of the technology. (2012)

Cooperation with EUTIT s.r.o.

We have created a 3D catalog of basalt and eucor coated piping systems for EUTIT, the world's largest manufacturer of cast basalt. The catalog is in four languages and serves designers and retailers. We created more than 15,000 3D models in a common format for direct use in 3D design for designers and a great overview of the assortment and complete technical specifications for sales persons. (2009-2010)

W – motor service s.r.o.

A study and mathematical modeling of existing and newly designed landing and takeoff runway at a sport airport. Processing the presentation materials. (2009)