Kohout Engineering
Company Profile

The company was founded on February 18, 2008 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the holding company e-invest group a.s. Its primary mission was to provide the parent company with technical support and professional background for its projects.

After four years (4 February 2014) the developement of own projects led company to its independent. To the foreground became especially projects related to vacuum technology and water treatment by electrochemical activation (ECA) in which the company achieved extraordinary successes.

Other projects focus on energy saving and renewable resources (primarily geothermal energy) and the use of technology of the near future, such as ORC systems, combined heat and power production, electrolysis, cavitation and more.

This range of projets corresponds to the composition of the working team, consisting of experts from multiple areas. There are engineers with many years of experience in the design of aircraft turbines and energetics, mechanical and electrical engineers and programmers. In addition to the permanent staff, the company has an extensive network of external collaborators.

Main area of activity:

• electrochemical activated water and its applications

• vacuum technology

• single-use machines and equipment and customer solutions of specific technologies

• control systems

• designing 3D models

• special SW